SRD SASSA Payment Dates for R350 Grants June 2024

SASSA is aimed to provide the grant to assist the old citizens, disabled and children who are facing difficulties in their lives. hence Social Security Agency becomes a helping hand for those deserving applicants.

We are here to provide you SASSA payment dates and their updates about the above mentioned program here.

This is a big achievement for SASSA and their applicants to deal with the rising price of food, shelter and medical assistance to maintain a better lifestyle. This act of kindness prove that the Government plays a significant role to make thing farrier for every individuals of South Africa.

By increasing a little amount in the grants for the applicants plays a positive impact in their policy. It’s a sign of care and social relief for the well-being of society. From May 2024 onwards, Godongawana has confirmed the increment of R20 or 5.7 in the grant, as a new sum of R370 on a monthly basis.

Overview of the changes in SASSA Grants June, 2024

The Minister of Social development Lindiwe Zulu has confirmed the grant increases during his budget speech in February, 2024.

‘’THE Minister Of Social Development, in terms of the Social Assistance Act 2024 (Act No. 13 2004) as amended, with the concurrence of the Minister of Finance, announced in social grants’’.

The initiative of Social Relief Distress( SRD) grant has been increasing from April, 2024 to March, 2025. The main objective is to increase the grant for the vulnerable section of South Africa to cope up with inflation on a daily basis.
Above 8 million people of South Africa will get the benefits by increasing the policy of different grants. Stay alert to the amendments of (SRD) grants. This act of kindness brings a positive change in the development of a country.

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3 Types of Grant Increases by SASSA in 2024

Following grants have been increased:

1. Senior Citizens Pension
2. Differently Abled Grant
3. Child Support Grant

1. Senior Citizens Pension

SASSA has given the grant to those senior citizens who are above the age of 59 years and and a permanent resident of South Africa. You have to fulfill the required information to get the grant on time by qualifying the test based on your income and savings. It is usually made at the beginning of the month to provide early access for beneficiaries. The aim of this grant is to help the individuals who reached their retirement age. The payments will be available from 3 June, 2024.

MonthPayment Date
June – 20242024/06/03
July – 20242024/07/02
August – 20242024/08/02
September – 20242024/09/03
October – 20242024/10/02
November – 20242024/11/02
December – 20242024/12/03
January – 20252025/01/03
February – 20252025/02/03
March – 20252025/03/04

2. Differently-Abled Grant 

This grant is specially designed for those persons who are disabled due to disability and have a national identity of South Africa. The applicant must fulfill the required documents to get the grant. The Social Security Agency issued the payments at 5 June 2024. 

MonthPayment Date
June – 20242024/06/05
July – 20242024/07/03
August – 20242024/08/05
September – 20242024/09/04
October – 20242024/10/03
November – 20242024/11/04
December – 20242024/12/04
January – 20252025/01/06
February – 20252025/02/05
March – 20252025/03/05

3. Child Support Grant 

Child support grants will be issued from 6 June, 2024 on a monthly basis to those children who are under the age of 18 years old and living in South Africa. They have to qualify  the test to prove that they are deserving to maintain the basic needs of education and life. If you are not Child Support Grant recipient and want to know how to apply, Visit Child Support Grant

MonthPayment Date
June – 20242024/06/06
July – 20242024/07/04
August – 20242024/08/06
September – 20242024/09/05
October – 20242024/10/04
November – 20242024/11/05
December – 20242024/12/05
January – 20252025/01/07
February – 20252025/02/06
March – 20252025/03/06

How Public Holidays impact on SASSA payment Dates?

Public holidays may affect the operations of financial departments and payment facilities. So, SASSA has played a significant role to ensure the applicants that holidays may not affect the grants thus Beneficiaries must be prepared to access the applicants grant.

sassa payment dates
sassa grant 2024

News About SASSA Payment Dates 2024

It is beneficial to stay in touch with SASSA about any changes in the schedule due to public holidays. SASSA upload their latest news through their official website and Customer Service Channels (CSC). To avoid unnecessary scam you must follow the latest updates of SASSA.

MonthOlder PersonsDisability GrantsChildren Grants
July – 20242024/07/022024/07/032024/07/04
August – 20242024/08/022024/08/052024/08/06
September – 20242024/09/032024/09/042024/09/05
October – 20242024/10/022024/10/032024/10/04
November – 20242024/11/022024/11/042024/11/05
December – 20242024/12/032024/12/042024/12/05
January – 20252025/01/032025/01/062025/01/07
February – 20252025/02/032025/02/052025/02/06
March – 20252025/03/042025/03/052025/03/06

Early Preparation about SASSA beneficiaries June, 2024

SASSA will guide the financial department  to provide the grant before holidays to ensure that every individual may not face any trouble or get their grant on time. To avoid these queries SASSA will start setting their goals and update the applications. These grants include child support, care dependency, older persons, foster child, disability, grant-in-aid, social relief of distress, and more.

Is it possible for me to qualify for the grants in 2024?

Yes, it is possible for you to qualify for the SASSA  grant that matches your need either you are eligible for it and requesting on the behalf of a third party. The applicants must fulfill  the required documents that they are applying for the grant. Make sure  to save all the required information that can save your money or time for any mishap.

Important Highlights of SASSA Payment Dates

SASSA grants play a significant role in vulnerable sections of society by helping the beneficiary to manage the household budget. There are some important highlights of SASSA Payment dates to access the grant timely who rely on it. 

  • Avoid late deposits. 
  • Schedule the payment bills timely. 
  • Plan for essential equipment of households. 
  • To withdraw the cash, transportation is necessary for the inconvenience.

SASSA Grant Increased officially In Effect 2024

SASSA brings a huge change by increasing the grants to maintain an accurate budget for the applicants by providing them the exact amount of SRD (Social Relief Grant). It might be possible that an increase in grant will be implemented in October, 2024.

Following table shows how much grant will be increased?

S#GrantsIncreased AmountPhase in Schedule 2024
1.Senior Citizen PensionR100R90 increased from April
R10 increased  from October
2. Differently- abledR100R90 increased  from April
R10 increased  from October
3.War VeteranR100R90 increased from April
R10 increased from October
4.Medical careR100R90 increased from April
R10 increased from October
5. Foster Child GrantR50
6.Child Support GrantR20
7.SRD (Social Relief Grant) R370R370R90 increased  from April
R10 increased from October

Documentation Policy

To apply for the SASSA grant you must have a national identity of South Africa and children need their birth certificate to get the social relief grant  in the society. To fulfill the basic information you just need an attested copy of electricity bill, identity card, income slip and a medical report by the doctor if you are diagnosed with any disability. While applying for a grant SASSA will require some documents like the certification of a school, death certificate of parents if the child is orphaned and living in the foster care institute through court orders.

Application Submission Process

Book an appointment for the submission of application by visiting the official site in the working hours. SASSA also offers the access of submitting the online application on its site. It is the easiest way to facilitate the applicants by providing them a social grant. SASSA also  has been given the opportunity to every individual without visiting the offices to outreach the upcoming social development programs for Africans.

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQ)

It is more convenient to withdraw the SASSA grant on time as SASSA prepared the schedule for Social Grant to avoid any inconvenience for their applicants.

Here are the following steps to check the SASSA status. 


  • Enter the I.D number and your phone number
  • Click on “check status” button and you will get all related updates.

 No, SASSA payment is not increased on a monthly basis because it depends on the finance department planning.

No, the public holiday will not affect the SASSA grant as the grants issued on the following dates.

  • Old pension will be issued on 3rd of June 
  • Differently abled pension will be issued on 5th of June 
  • The child grant will be issued on 6th of June. 


    1. Go to the main page to check that which is applicable against your ID. Thank you

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