SASSA SRD Grant : Eligibility, Application Process, and Key Updates

The South African Social Security Agency aims to assist those unable to manage their families and households. This Special Relief Distress grant is available in food, grocery, cash, and vouchers, It is designed to temporarily provide basic support to the residents of South Africa. Applicants will receive the SASSA SRD 350R grant per month from the day of Understanding the SASSA Special Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant approval of the application by SASSA.

sassa-srd-grant eligibility

Every applicant should meet the SASSA eligible criteria to receive special relief for distress in crucial times.

Eligibility Criteria of SASSA SRD Grant

  • Applicant must be South Africa’s permanent resident registered with DHA (Department of Home Affairs)
  • Applicant must be 18 or above
  • Applicant must be medically unfit 
  • Applicants should be unemployed
  • Not receiving any income
  • Not receiving any grants from other organizations
  • The breadwinner of the family has died 
  • An applicant does not receive any insurance benefits
  • Not receiving any grants from the (NSFAS) National Student Financial Aid Scheme
  • Not affiliated with any Government funded institutions
  • Aid is provided to those who are suffering from disasters such as floods

Duration of SASSA SRD Grant

This program is designed to provide financial assistance for three months but your grant will be extended for a further three months in special cases. Visit the closest SASSA office and request an application form. Fill out as per given instruction and submit it to the office.

Note: No charges are applicable for the application form.

Information you need to provide

Before applying for the SASSA special relief distress grants verify your financial status with the government and other institutions including Revenue Services and Banks (SA).

  • Submit applicant’s identity number
  • Applicant name and surname
  • Mention gender and disability
  • Enter banking details ( branch name and account number)
  • Enter mobile phone
  • Provide a permanent resident address

How to apply for Social Relief Distress grants?

  • While applying for a SASSA SRD Grant follow the following steps
  • No handwritten documents will be accepted
  • You will receive the grants at your nearest bank
  • The applicants who do not have bank accounts can also apply. They will receive the grants through a retailer’s stores.
  • Once SASSA has approved your application you will get a confirmation code for your bank account through the official site of SASSA. It can also be done electronically
  • Applicants have a right to re-confirm whether SASSA sends the request or not
  • SASSA strictly advised the applicants not to share their details with others
  • SASSA will only request the banking details once while applying for special distress relief grants
  • There are no charges applicable to apply.
  • Do not share your beneficiaries and PIN code with others

Update Payment Method

  • Applicants can change their payment methods easily
  • Applicants can transfer their money from one branch to another
  • You can receive your grants at the post office of SASSA or your nearest bank
  • You can choose your grants method by using the registered phone number
  • Applicants can change their preference for social grants at:

Additional Beneficiaries

  • Applicants usually receive their child’s grants of R300 per month but from now onwards there is an increase of R500 each month
  • All the applicants may receive an extra amount of R250 for the next six months
  • SASSA will introduce a technology-based solution for their applicants to provide food facilities through cash or vouchers
  • In addition, the Department of Social Welfare contributes to other community organizations, and NGOs and funds solidarity to provide the basic needs of life such as food, shelter, and financial aid to the citizens of South Africa

Beneficiaries of SASSA SRD grant

Applicants will receive a confirmation message through the Banking Association of South Africa (BASA). They are ready to provide the grants. Banks will also ensure to send customer service messages to senior citizens or those with disabilities.

Retailers have confirmed to assist the individual in South Africa. Many super stores will receive grants with the collaboration of SAPS, NATJOC, and SANDF to provide special social relief of distress SRD grants.

Receiving Social grants at pay point centers

  • SASSA will appoint a manager to every pay point center to assist the applicants. They must listen to the queries of clients and guide them
  • SASSA has committed to providing social grants to every individual in South Africa
  • Cash centers have access to control the limits and social distancing
  • Security staff will assist the clients with gloves and masks
  • Post Banks are available 24/7 or at 0800 53 54 55 to deal with complaints related to SAPO cards
  • SASSA advised the applicants to carry their authentic cards while traveling in case of need to assist the legal advisors
  • There is no need to withdraw the money at once if you receive the grants in your account it will remain in your account. You will withdraw your money at any time

Providing food distress parcels to distressed communities

  • SASSA will provide food parcels to distressed communities because they cannot fulfill their basic needs such as food.
  • Applicants who receive temporary grants or may expire
  • Those who are suffering from disasters like floods or fires as explained in the Disaster Management Act of 1978
  • If the head of the family has passed away and the application is prepared within 12 months before the death
  • If every member of the family is unemployed they will get the food parcels
  • Food parcels are distributed among those who are not working due to illness


SASSA SRD grants are designed to support those individuals or families who are suffering financially. The initiative of these grants is to reduce poverty and inflation by making sure that they can buy food and the necessities of households. SASSA will secure the families by assisting them with money. SASSA is working for the welfare of the country by supporting and showing care to those who need a helping hand.

Contact and Queries

Contact at SASSA Toll-Free No: 0800 60 10 11 – Call free at working hours only

For SASSA/SAPO-related queries, Contact the Postbank call center

If you want to check the status of your application CLICK HERE

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQ)

SASSA will issue social relief for distress may be in the form of food parcels or grants to buy food.

SASSA will provide grants to over 26 million people who need it most.

 Distress relief is an emergency fund that is provided to the people of South Africa by SASSA.

Social grants played an important role in reducing poverty and inflation in South Africa

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