How to Update Your SASSA Contact Number for R350

The South African Social Security Agency SASSA has aimed to provide beneficiaries to update their details. SASSA has provided all the details on their website which you can easily change your details. Visit the official site of SASSA to check the latest updates about grants. SASSA may reject your grants application. It is compulsory to check the documents before submission. This guide helps you to provide you detailed information on how to update your SASSA Contact Number for R350.

SASSA Contact Number for R350

The Department of Home Affairs verifies the cases if the information doesn’t match the current status they will reject your application even though SASSA facilitates its applicants through an online portal. Applicants should submit their original and updated documents to avoid mistakes.

Steps to find your application ID

To be a part of SASSA grants applicants must know their application ID to change the details. 

  1. Visit the official site 
  2. Click on the application status.
  3. Click on the online option.
  4. Enter the South African ID or the cellphone number that has been registered.
  5. Click the ENTER key.
  6. You will get the application ID.

Can I update my contact details with SASSA?

SASSA provides social grants to every individual of South Africa. These grants help the individual to improve their living standard of life and give relief to people who are suffering from poverty and need financial assistance. If your name has changed for some reason, you can also update the legal team of SASSA and change the details on its website. Follow the instructions to change the personal details. 

  1. Visit the SASSA site.
  2. Select the option of name or surname. 
  3. Below the option, Enter your South African ID number, name, and surname.
  4. Click on the OK button. 
  5. Your application has been submitted.

Steps to Update your SASSA Contact Number for R350

There is nothing to worry about, you can change your contact details easily if you want to get the SASSA benefits for a better lifestyle. Follow the steps to change the contact details with SASSA.

  1. Select the option How do I update my SASSA details.
  2. Change the phone number and email by selecting the yellow bar option.
  3. Enter the South African ID number and your application number.
  4. Click on the ENTER key
  5. If you have an email, kindly add it. It’s an optional.
  6. Enter your mobile number.
  7. Mention the reason why you can change your cell number.
  8. You will get a PIN code.
  9. Enter the 4-digit PIN and click the ENTER key.
  10. SASSA will issue a new number via SMS or email to get grants on time.

How much time does SASSA take to change your personal details?

There is no set time frame or date to change your details. SASSA verifies your details with the collaboration of the Department of Home Affairs each month. If your details don’t match your application will be rejected.

You can re-appeal your application if SASSA has been rejected. SASSA will reconsider your application within 30 days.To get the benefit from SASSA make sure to provide authentic information and update the current information.

Can I recover my canceled grant application?

  1. Yes, you can recover your canceled grant application by following the steps given below.
  2. Visit the SASSA website.
  3. Scroll down the page until you find a section of my reinstatement of my canceled application.
  4. Select the online reinstatement option.
  5. Enter your South African ID  or cell phone in the required box.
  6. You will receive a PIN.
  7. Enter the PIN for the verification process.
  8. Now mention the reason why you are reinstating your application.
  9. You will receive a message from the SAASA team that you will still reinstate your application.
  10. Reply with “Yes” if you want to reinstate your application and “No” if you do not want to reinstate.


Updating your contact details with SASSA is a straightforward but crucial process to ensure applicants may receive their grants on time. SASSA verifies your identity with the help of Home Affairs Department and every individual must provide current and accurate information. You can easily change your name, and contact number to recover your canceled grants application. Make sure to double-check the documents before submission to avoid mistakes. Stay connected to SASSA by keeping your application up to date. You are doing what you need to do to make sure you get the help you need.

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQ)

It is more convenient to withdraw the SASSA grant on time as SASSA prepared the schedule for Social Grant to avoid any inconvenience for their applicants.

Here are the following steps to check the SASSA status. 


  • Type the message SASSA
  • Enter the I.D number and your phone number
  • Click on “check status” button and you will get all related updates.

 No, SASSA payment is not increased on a monthly basis because it depends on the finance department planning.

No, the public holiday will not affect the SASSA grant as the grants issued on the following dates.

  • Old pension will be issued on 3rd of June 
  • Differently abled pension will be issued on 5th of June 
  • The child grant will be issued on 6th of June. 

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