How to Reinstate Your Canceled SRD Grant Application in 5 Easy Steps

SASSA SRD grant is designed to help you negotiate both reactivating a canceled application and reapplying due to the changes you might have noted. The agency previously suspended the grant for certain public sectors including general workers, interns, and those whose income fell due to the eligibility criteria of the program. We will guide you about how to reinstate your canceled SRD grant, you just have to follow the following steps properly. 

How to proceed SASSA SRD grant reapplication

The major reason to consider re-application is due to the expiration of your grant, because these grants are approved on a monthly basis, an expired grant requires a fresh application to continue receiving benefits.

It may be crucial for you if you don’t have an understanding of when and how to reapply for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD)  grant to maintain your eligibility and ensure support. The main reason to cancel the grant is the expiration of your grant. Since an SRD grant is applied on a month-to-month basis.

If there are significant changes in your finances, or household income, it’s essential to reapply. These changes could impact your criteria, and reapplying through Sassa to consider your application based on current information.

If your application can be rejected and your problem can’t be fixed, reapply it. This starts to address your issues, update info, resolve your issues as soon as possible, and ensure your current status according to the latest change in policies. 

How to reinstate your canceled SRD grant? 

  1. Visit the SASSA official website. If you are in trouble then this is the simplest way to resolve your problem. Come to the SASSA official website to negotiate the problems you are facing.
  1. Application Form. Kindly fill out the reapplication form properly before submission to make sure that all the details are accurate and up to date. Any mistake will lead to delay or cancellation of the application again.
  1. Required Documents. According to reapplication, you have to submit the complete documents including income or unemployment identity papers.
  1. Submission of documents.  Before submission, you must have to review the papers properly attached to the complete required documents and read them once again.
  1.  Confirmation of reapplication. After completing all the required details to reapply for the Sassa grant you will receive the confirmation SMS, it may take several hours or weeks. SASSA will check your eligibility during the reapplication proceeding

How to reclaim your (SASSA SRD) application?

 Don’t panic if you misplaced your SASSA I.D., you must keep it in mind while reapplying for the SAASA reapplication. Check the current status of your application or inquiry, there are many ways to fix the code again.

  1. Visit the SASSA (SRD) site
  2. Click on the (SRD) option.
  3. Click on the reclaim option ID tab. 
  4. Write the personal details with name, ID number, or telephone no. associated with the applicant’s application. 
  5. You will receive the applicant ID through SMS, email, or the information provided during the process. 

Why do applications get canceled or reclaimed?

There are three main reasons that your applications might be canceled due to changes in eligibility, avoid the deadlines or not following the SASSA instructions carefully or if there is an error in an application. You must read and follow the SASSA instructions step-by-step or submit a complete or accurate reapplication.

Imagine yourself facing a mounting pile of bills, the weight of financial worry pressing down on your shoulders. Perhaps an unexpected illness has depleted your savings, or a change in work circumstances has left your income uncertain. In these moments of hardship, the lifeline of the SRD grant can feel like a beacon of hope.

However, in the initial stage, your application might be rejected due to incorrect information because the circumstances did not match with eligibility criteria. The process of rejected applications exists for a purpose. It’s a chance to fill the gap or reapply for the cancellation, and provide SAASA if any changes may occur in your income or household composition that may align with the SRD grant’s eligibility requirements. 

SASSA SRD grant is not just a financial assistance but also a foundation upon which household stability exists. It provides the food on the table, keeps a roof over their heads, and maintains the basic living standard of life. Restatement becomes more than correcting an error, it’s a fight for those who reclaim the vital safety net or get a chance to weather the storm and get back on their feet.

So, if you find yourself in a situation where reinstating the canceled SASSA grant is necessary. You must correct your mistakes or adapt to change. It’s the best way to secure your life that gives you hope and allows you to face the challenges of life and to survive in a better community.

No, reinstating a canceled SASSA grant application or applying for an appeal is not the same. Here are the details below. 


In this scenario where your application was canceled or lapsed. You might want to fix it because: your circumstances may change due to a decrease in income, or unexpected expenses. Or maybe there is an error in your initial application. Such as missing documents, wrong information and you still need the grant. Reinstatement involves requesting to review the document again.


If your application was denied, SASSA declared you ineligible for the grant and the amount of the grant awarded seems incorrect. This is a process where you meet the Sassa decision on your original application. 

Thus an appeal allows you to contest SASSA’s decision with evidence or clarification for a different outcome. 

Tips for a Successful Re-Application:

  • Ensure Eligibility: Review the latest update about the eligibility criteria to ensure the qualification.
  • Update Personal Information: In case, if your personal information such as address, contact details, etc. has been changed, they must be reflected on the application.
  • Keep Documentation Ready: To speed up the re-application process, keep the documents in hand to avoid any delay.
  • Follow-Up: Don’t hesitate to follow up on your application during the process through SASSA official channels.
  • Status Check: Check your SASSA Status Online by clicking here


Just review the reapplication that you qualify for the eligible criteria for the SASSA (SRD) grant. Please change the information you might think is necessary like address or contact details in your new application form. Keep all the updated records safe for the Social Relief Distress Grant (SRD). After completing the process you must have to follow up for further inquiry and updated status.


For further queries, please contact SASSA directly.

SASSA Toll Free No: 0800 60 10 11 

SASSA Head Office contact: 012 400 2322 

SASSA Email: g[email protected]

Contact details of SASSA offices across the country: SASSA contact details. 

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQ)

SASSA will update you within 30 days, or it may vary sometimes.

Yes, you may reinstate your application online through the SASSA site.

If your application is denied you may apply, if you meet the criteria, SASSA will reconsider your application.

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