Road Accidents Fund Claims Forms and Process 2024

SASSA provides road accident funds (RAF) to applicants suffering from injuries in road accidents. Road accidents fund aim to provide financial assistance to the deserving people of South Africa. This organization is established legally under laws to eliminate financial fallout for accident victims and their families. Road accidents fund claims are based on supported insurance funds. 

Road Accidents Fund Claims forms and process

The main goal of the Accident Fund Act is to assist those injured and dying from road accidents. If your car or any other things got damaged you may claim for funds (RAF). A third party can also claim for their rights. This article will guide you about road accidents fund claim forms and processes. We have provided the download link for all required forms below.

Who can claim from the Road Accidents Fund (RAF)?

The following persons can be qualified to claim from road accidents.

  • A person who is under the age of 18 and gets injured by a parent or guardian can be eligible to road accidents fund claims. 
  • A person who is reliant on the person who died.
  • A person who looks after the things left behind by the person who died in the accident. 

Steps to apply for Road Accidents Fund Claims (RAF)

  • It is necessary to follow the steps to claim for (RAF) to ensure that these documents are required to get the grants. 
  • Applicants should submit a comprehensive medical record of a patient. It may include hospital records, doctor descriptions, and a receipt of medical expenses.
  • Applicants should submit a salary slip or a letter from the company in the absence from duty due to the accident. 
  • Applicants should need a police report to claim funds. A number should be mentioned in the report to identify the case easily. 
  • Provide certified documents if you are claiming on behalf of others.
  • You can also submit additional documents such as a witness statement, a photograph of the accident scene, and proof of relationship dependency are required. 

Complete the claim Form 

Visit the official site of (RAF) or the office to fill out the relevant form to claim funds. Please enter the detailed information that is required. 

RAF Form 1: 

Use Form 1 to fill in the basic information such as the applicant’s vehicle details, and an updated medical report by the doctor. 

Download the RAF Claim Form from the link below.

RAF Claim Form 2: 

This form requires simple information and is based on new claims to get funds after road accidents.  

RAF Claim Form 3: 

Form 3 is required for accidents with a detailed history of the patient. 

RAF Claim Form 4: 

This form must be filled out by the drivers involved in the accidents. 

Agreement with RAF: To fill these forms it is necessary to sign in the consent section which allows RAF to verify the documents if needed.

Submission of Documents

  • Documents can be submitted directly to the RAF office. Make a set of hard copies of all the required documents because RAF doesn’t accept claims or faxes. 
  • Before submission applicants must read the documents. If there is any mistake or a document is missing, kindly correct it.
  • Incomplete forms may lead to delays in the claims fund process. 


  • After submitting the documents applicants may receive a receipt from the RAF. This receipt can be stamped and issued by the RAF. 
  • Applicants must check their regular status by contacting the RAF call center or visiting their official RAF site. 
  • Keep a record of all documents along with additional information requested by RAF to ensure your claim process. 

Consultant Advice

Before the Road Accident Fund claims you should take legal advice to make your case strong. Who knows about RAF claims or guides you on what documents are needed to attach? Or what to do if there is a problem with your claim. 

Eligibility to claim from road accidents

  • This aid is designed to include a wide range of individuals who are suffering from road accidents in South Africa. 
  • A resident of South Africa who has been injured in a road accident can file a claim for funds. It may include a passenger, driver, motorcyclist, pedestrian, or cyclist who is not directly involved in the incident.
  • Foreigners can also claim funds if they get injured in a road accident. It means foreigners visiting the country get help just like others who live in South Africa. They just claim funds on one condition if they are still in South Africa or someone is requesting on behalf of others. 
  • Dependents of deceased victims can also claim funds from RAF. Dependents typically include kids, spouses, siblings, and other family members who are dependent on financial aid at the time of their death. 
  • RAF also provides aid to minors who are under the age of 18 and can be lodged by parents or guardians of a child. SASSA with the collaboration of RAF will ensure that the rights and needs of children are addressed or protected by RAF. 
  • The drivers who can’t be identified or have insurance can also claim for money. Even if they don’t know who caused the accident. 

Exclusion in Road Accidents Fund Claims

  • People can claim that road accidents are reported but not issued on time. 
  • Due to road accidents vehicles and personal belongings of individuals can be damaged. 
  • RAF did not pay for things like vehicles because injuries were severe and met the eligibility of certain legal aid. 

Purpose and Coverage of Road Accident Funds

The RAF provides essential coverage to applicants who live in South Africa such as drivers, passengers, walking people, or others. The purpose of aid is to assist the people who get hurt or killed in road accidents in the country. Here is the detail of the road funds paid for. 

Medical assistance: 

  • The applicant should provide a copy of the injuries.
  • Attach RAF form 4 for injury assessment. 
  • Submit a medical report as per requirement. 

Loss of income 

  • Fill out the RAF form if applicable. 
  • Required employer certificate or proof of any other income tax report.
  • Attach academic record.
  • A medical report of disability.

Death claim Fund 

RAF requires a death certificate or a post-mortem report from after the death and papers from the person who is dependent on the person who died in a road accident. 

Payout for Road accident fund claim 

There are several factors in calculating the road accident fund

  • Medical Expenses: it is based on the actual cost of treatment and future estimated need.
  • Loss of Earning: RAF is calculating the grant based on current and lost future income due to accidents. 

Note: RAF is advised to consult a legal expert to calculate the estimated amount of money or any further assistance in need. 

Final Thoughts 

The process of the Road Accident Funds claims to require details of the patient. A medical report is used as a witness statement for a successful claim. RAF advised the individuals to get assistance from the legal experts who guide them and encounter their issues. Moreover, these claims serve as a vital resource impacted by road accidents and provide them with financial aid in crucial times.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Every individual who has been injured in road accidents can be claimed for funds by RAF. 

The road accidents fund has provided several grants such as:

  • Medical expenses 
  • Loss of income 
  • Funeral expenses 

But it does not recover the loss of damaged property. 

People can claim for a road accident by submitting the RAF form for medical assistance along with the required documents such as the latest report of income, medical report, post-mortem report, and a police report. 

Yes, RAF assisted the individuals who were not at fault. The main goal of Road Accident is to  provide grants to those who are suffering during crucial times.

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