How to withdraw money without SASSA card?

SASSA allows their users to withdraw money without a card method. if the applicant misplaced their card. SASSA offers many convenient or secure ways to withdraw money such as the incorporation of  Amalgamated Banks of South Africa(ABSA) or First National Bank of South Africa Ewallet, and withdrawals at SASSA-partnered retailers.

If your card has been misplaced or stolen somewhere, and you need to withdraw your payment on an urgent basis for medical assistance. It is not compulsory to use a SASSA card. There are alternative methods to withdraw your grants. This article will help you with how to withdraw money without SASSA card in 2024.

How to withdraw Money without SASSA Card in 2024?

2 Ways – How to withdraw Money without SASSA Card in 2024?

There are 2 important ways to withdraw the grants by using your card or by your SASSA reference number. As a human, we make mistakes and we can forget or lose important things. If you lost your card then you should report to the legal authorities and submit an appeal to get a replacement of the card.

However, SASSA provides different ways to withdraw the SASSA money to facilitate the residents of Africa for the well-being of the nation. In case you lost your card, there are two methods how to withdraw money without SASSA card in 2024?

  1. SASSA R350 grant via Cardless withdrawal 
  2. SASSA OTP withdrawal

SASSA R350 grant via Cardless Withdrawal

You may request to change the method of using a card to a personal bank account. For this process, you just have to visit the official site of the page until you find an option of how to change your banking details. Add a reference I.D. and phone number in the given option. You will receive a confirmation message. If you follow the above instructions carefully you may get the chance to change the payment method. But keep in mind that there is no other way to withdraw the grant from SASSA cardless ATMs.

SASSA OTP Withdrawal

One of the simplest ways to withdraw your SASSA money is through pick-up points. The government has provided 6 retailers to collect the grant for the applicants of SASSA. You just have to visit the nearest retail store by using One Time Pin (OTP) or the national identity card at the counter. They will give you the grant and submit the details in the system. In case you forget your OTP number Or SASSA accepts the application then you will receive a pin on your given mobile number. 

How to Replace your lost SASSA Card

SASSA payment is a primary source of your income to collect the grant on time. Sometimes people can lose their cards by misplacement or stolen by others which may lead to stress. You can replace your lost card by following the steps given below. 

  • Report the lost card: The first thing you need to do is to report at the police station when you lose your card. They will give you a case number when you are applying for the new card. 
  • Visit the nearest office: Applicants must find out the nearest office by visiting the website or by toll-free number. You have to submit the required documents along with you when you visit the office.

1. A copy of an identity card or a passport
2. A copy of the residence
3. Submit a Police report after confirming the lost card
4. Registered cell phone number
5. Bank account details

  • Application Process: Once you have completed all the required documents, afterward you can take the form through the office or download it from the website and fill the form accurately with all the necessary information. 
  • Submission of Application: Now, submit the form to the SASSA office. The official team of SASSA will verify for further proceedings. 
  • Collect the New SASSA card: After the verification of the application then you will receive a message that your new SASSA card is ready, kindly bring your I.D. card or a passport to collect the card. 

Note:  Make sure to keep your SASSA card in a safe place like a wallet or purse.

Transfer Money from SASSA Card to Capitec

If you want to transfer the money from SASSA card to Capitec you must change the payment method first or receive a grant via card then it might be possible to receive the grant through the Capitec method. Follow the instructions below to change SASSA card to Capitec.

  •  Visit the SASSA portal to change the banking details. 
  •  Change the bank account details method and fill in the requested form as required. 
  • Add the South African identity card and mobile number as you mentioned for the first time for applying for the grant.
  • You will get the 6-digit OTP code on your mobile number. 
  • Enter the OTP code for the verification. 
  • Before adding credit bank details, kindly make sure everything is accurate. 
  1. The Capitec Bank Account Type
  2. The Capitec Bank Account Number
  3. The Capitec Branch code. 
  • Submit the form and request to transfer the money to the Capitec. 

Note: SASSA will update your information, and you will directly receive your grant into the bank account instead of a card. 

Collect SASSA Grant at ATMs and Supermarkets

SASSA facilitates their applicants to collect the grant at ATMs and listed supermarkets for their convenience. SASSA guides their users to prefer cards instead of using the cash method. The list is given below to withdraw the money

  • ATMs
  • Shoprite
  • Boxer
  • Pick n Pay
  • U-Save
  • Checker 

You can keep your money safe or use it anytime while purchasing the household via card is more convenient instead of cash payment. You can check your SASSA status here

6 Methods to Unblock Your SASSA Card

If your SASSA card is blocked there are several ways to unblock your card. This card provides access to your monthly financial well-being. By following the different ways you can unblock your card. 

1. Visit your Nearest SASSA office

Visit your nearest SASSA office if your card is blocked due to some technical issue. Staff will assist you and help you to resolve the issue quickly.

2. Reset your PIN

If your card has been blocked by entering the wrong pins, you can reset your pin by visiting the nearest office. After the card cardholder’s identity verification check by SASSA Staff, They will reset the card (PIN). 

3. Wait until the block card is expired 

If you exceed your daily limit, SASSA will block your card, but you don’t need to worry, just wait for the next morning and your card will automatically be unblocked and you can use it normally. 

4. Reactivation of SASSA card

You must reactivate your card by visiting the nearest office along with your national card, passport card, or a registered phone number if you want to withdraw the SASSA grant

5 Retrieve your PIN 

After successfully reactivating the card you can request a One Time PIN (OTP) through Whatsapp. This will help you to access your grant and reset your PIN. Please follow the instructions. 

  • Contact SASSA on Whatsapp at 082 046 8553
  • Say hi, and wait for the reply 
  • Once you receive the message again reply with help
  • After that type 4 to get different options and then again type OTP 
  • Now, add a reference number which is provided by the SASSA 
  • Follow the instructions that they need to retrieve your PIN

6. Follow up 

If you are facing difficulty or can’t manage to visit the office. You may contact SASSA toll-free number 0800 60 10 11 or send an email to  [email protected]

Postbank launches cardless payment for SASSA grants

Postbank has facilitated their applicants to withdraw money which does not require a physical card. If your SASSA Postbank gold card has expired or has not been issued, you can still get your grant paid out at different retailers.   

Once Dr Bongani Diako said, if the applicant suffers from any mishap, they don’t need to worry. They should collect their new card so SASSA can pay their social grants. 

Applicants need their ID document and SASSA Postbank card pin to any of the participating retailers. After that, you have to enter the cell phone number, and the correct PIN the cashier will give you the payment.

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQ)

  • Visit the retailers or a supermarket for SASSA grant payment
  • Submit your ID Number, cell phone, or PIN code 
  • The cashier will give you the grant paymen

If you don’t withdraw the money it stays in your account for future access.

You can withdraw your SASSA money through banks, retailers, or via card method.s.

  • ATMs
  • Shoprite
  • Boxer
  • Pick n Pay
  • U-Save
  • Checker

No, SASSA payment is not increased on a monthly basis because it depends on the finance department planning.

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