Why Declined SASSA Grant? How to Understand and Take Action

It is essential to understand and how to handle your declined SASSA grants? There are various reasons to decline an application but if you want the grant, you may reapply for consideration. SASSA will approve the application if you can meet the eligibility criteria. 

Department of Social Development DSD is considering reapplying the application to get the aid. Here are the simple methods to fix a declined application and get reconsideration notifications by the South African Social Security Agency.


Reasons for declined SASSA Grant application 

Firstly, you need to find out the reasons why SASSA was rejecting your application? You have identified the reason behind rejection and reapply for the grant by following the necessary steps.

Why did the SASSA application be declined?

SASSA has declined the application for SASSA grant due to the income source but those who have no income resources or low they might be eligible to get their grant to fulfill the basic needs of life. There are some main reasons behind the rejection of an application. 

  1. Applicant has other income resource
  2. Report the verification process
  3. If you are member of National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS)
  4. Get the beneficiaries of ATM card
  5. Must be employed of Government Institute 
  6. Meet the eligibility of required age 
  7. Having mobile number issues

There is no need to worry because SASSA provides several solutions to the declined applications. You have to reapply or re-consider your SASSA grant for a better life. Before applying it is compulsory to know or understand the reasons in depth to avoid the rejection. However SASSA will approve your application in one condition if you can meet the given criteria. For further details visit the official site SASSA Status Check.

Knowledge about the basic concept of SASSA appeal 

South African Social security Agency (SASSA) is a government agency that assist the people of vulnerable section of the society who may be affected by inflation or unemployment often, SASSA rejects the applicants application but they have the right to appeal again the department of Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals ( ITSAA)  will help the applicants to handle the declined applications it take 60-90 days for the final decision. By following these methods applicants may have the chance to get the grant again

Trying Fraudulent Activities 

While if you were engaged in any illegal activities it may lead to decline of the recipient’s application. For instance, any wrong information such as incorrect phone number, national identity, no income resource and getting a grant from any other institute may cause the declined applicants of the citizens of South Africa. SASSA has taken the charge to verify the given details from other departments as well

What should I do for declined SASSA grant application?

You should have to provide the accurate information with a correct phone-number, national identity card, salary slip or other forms if it is required.  If your income is very high, you should have to wait for a social grant.

Before submitting the form you should have to read it properly because it is also the reason to decline the applications. Try to fix all the issues depending on how to get the grant or if you need any help you must go to the SASSA site or nearby office. 

How does SASSA take actions on appeal?

  • Once your application has been rejected you can apply within 30 days of receiving the rejection letter and if you missed the deadline it means the decision is pending.
  • Before submitting the application you must have to read it or attach all the required documents for the appeal.
  • Kindly submit the application appeal on a monthly basis not grouping for months. 
  • Attach all the necessary documents like  bank statement, affidavit, and experience letter. These documents supports your case
  • SASSA will provide you the beneficiaries of life for a better living standard. 

Final Remarks 

The appeal process may slow but try to be patient or stay in touch with the latest updates of SASSA status. Maintain all the records of your documents safely that may help you in regular follow up.

If you follow the details properly via online, call, email, or visit the office staff the management of SASSA teal will also access your case quickly. That’s why you get the most updated information on where your case stands. Stay alert and don’t give up hope! 

Keep tracking your application status here

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can check the SASSA status by calling or using the ID number. But if you can use your reference id it is a more convenient or faster method to get the status updates.

It takes 60-90 days for the  independent tribunal department to review the appeal and reconsider it.

Yes, appointment is compulsory for all the applicants who may visit the office for grant application in the working hours. SASSA management team will assist the customer services for their appeal.

 If you can submit the required documents without any errors then, you will receive the confirmation msg and save this message for the future reference.

  • Unnecessary submission of documents
  • Illegible for the appeal 
  • Errors in documents

Before submission attach the complete required documents

Have understanding of why SAASA is providing the knowledge. 

Applicants should follow the guidelines of SASSA that has been provided.

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