Postbank assures the validity of SASSA Gold Card in 2024

 Thousands of applicants who are struggling for grants want to renew their SASSA card due to the closure of multiple post offices. It’s a positive sign of relief after the Payment Association of South Africa (PASA) announced that the expired SASSA/Post bank gold card has been extended until the end of the year. 

Durban Postbank said this is a great opportunity for the citizens of South Africa to provide Grant to continue their expired Gold card at ATMs, Marchant Point of Sale (POS) without collecting new cards from other banks.

SASSA advised all the banks to accept the expired SASSA Grant Gold Card in 2024 (South African Social Security Agency). SASSA will continue to work for the Social Relief Grant throughout 2024. We hope this extension will bring happiness, joy, and relief. 

Daiko shared the (Pros) to get the Social Relief Grant by following these methods.

Current status of SASSA Grant Gold Card in 2024

The current status of expired SASSA grant gold will be announced in January 2024 to address the community issues related to the card’s validity. The Sassa administration strictly advised the applicants not to switch their accounts to other banks. Postbank provides these cards to assist their users. It is beneficial for South Africans who need this grant for a better living standard of life.

Instead, beneficiaries must visit the bank ATM to collect the grant at Boxer, Spar stores, Usave, Shoprite, and Checker. SASSA card holders have access to free withdrawals, or purchases at the stores mentioned above and three-month statements. They get free balance inside a branch. if anyone misguides you must report at SASSA Toll Free  0800 53 54 55.

sassa grant gold card in 2024

Beware SASSA warns you about Scams

If anyone asks you to change the bank or claims that your SASSA gold grant won’t work don’t need to listen to them. Focus on the latest updates of the SASSA Grant Gold Card in 2024 that will be extended throughout the year. SASSA  Postbank ensures that the grant will be issued via SASSA gold card. If the card was lost or stolen by someone you may visit the SASSA post office branch nationwide to obtain a replacement SASSA Gold. 

Expired SASSA Post/bank gold card payment facility 

SASSA postbank provides their applicants free cardless facility, here are the details shown below.

STEP 1. By following these instructions you will receive the Postbank facility such as a mobile phone, ID number, and SASSA gold card

STEP 2. Then well-known retailers such as Checkers, Shoprite, Pick n Pay, Usave, Boxer, and more worked with Postbank to ensure that banking was the most convenient or straightforward method to receive the grant easily.

STEP 3. Once you finalize the retailer, he or she will require information like cell number or ID number. It is necessary to fill in the information to get the grant.

STEP 4. After completing the required data you will receive the USSD code on the number that has been provided. It is a smooth going process.

STEP 5. This is the same PIN used to withdraw cash at an ATM so you don’t need to share it with anyone.

STEP 6. After completing the process the retailer will give you the money. You can withdraw R 3000 per transaction.

Queries and Contact

If you are facing any query or need assistance regarding cardless payment solutions, there are many ways to reach out to SASSA Post/bank. Alternatively, you may contact Postbank. inquiries email: [email protected]. Or you may contact SASSA customer care at 0800 60 10 11.  Moreover, You can also visit SASSA email: [email protected]. Postbank is committed to ensuring your grant on time and effective payments of the SASSA grant applicants.  Daiko said,’’ To view the story via WhatsApp 071 485 7995’’.  You can check your SASSA status here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is applicable for SASSA users to distribute SASSA grants to beneficiaries. It allows the applicants to withdraw their money through an ATM.

You can use your SASSA gold card via ATM or participate with nationwide retailers such as Boxer, Pick n Pay Shoprite, Checkers, and Spar.

You can withdraw your SASSA monSASSA gold card is beneficial for the applicants by providing three free withdrawals, a free account statement, and one fee balance inquiry per month.

You can immediately report to the post bank if your SASSA gold card is lost or stolen or make a request to replace your card. You have to remember all the PIN codes while applying for the card again and make it confidential.

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