Unclaimed SASSA Grants: What happens when you miss a payment?

South African Social Security Agency SASSA has been given the grant to many individuals and families. Social grants were designed to provide financial aid to those who need a better living standard such as household and shelter. Everyone is getting worried about what happens if the SASSA grant is not issued or it may lead to unclaimed grants. When you miss a chance to get a payment on time the agency is responsible for unclaimed SASSA grants in the future. This article guides you about unclaimed SASSA Grants.

Are missed Unclaimed SASSA grants?

 SASSA plays a significant role in distributing the grant among the citizens of South Africa. This article helps the individuals to understand the issue of unclaimed SASSA aid, or the expiration of the grants and also try to address the issue according to the situation.

Notification of expired SASSA grant payment

The main key factor is to stay in touch that SASSA aids may have to indulge with SASSA grants that do indeed have an expiration date. If you don’t get the grant on time at least for three consecutive months you should claim to the official site of the SASSA. 

The government and the agency both play a vital role for the deserving people of the community and guide them that if they have neglected to collect their grant for three months or it will expire so they will need to reapply for it. SASSA puts a great effort into the vulnerable section of the community by updating the latest beneficiaries of expired grants. Applicants may notify via SMS or letter and address the situation to prevent the grant from lapsing. 

Consequences of not collecting SASSA grant

What will happen if the SASSA SRD grant is missed or expired?
SASSA allows applicants who have missed their grant or expired during the beneficiaries provided you reapply for the grant within 90 days.
If the re-application is approved SASSA will resume the grant again from the date of re-applying.
It is more beneficial to follow the above procedure for the approval of reapplication within 90 days otherwise, if you missed the deadline it is more crucial to get the grant because there is a complicated procedure to reconsider the grant applicants.
The easiest way to reapply for the expired grant must be in writing. You should go to the nearest SASSA office along required documents. This visit ensures that your application will proceed accurately.

Unable to afford SASSA SRD grant Payment

SASSA provides various benefits to collect their payment. It is more convenient for recipients to collect the funds at the nearest selected retailer or regional office. SASSA advised their applicants to update their SASSA account details. You must reach the call center or visit the nearest Social Security Agency office to access the funds easily.If you may have any concerns related to the grant visit the nearest office SASSA operators will assist you through a necessary process.

How To Prevent Unclaimed SASSA Grants?

To prevent unclaimed SASSA grants for those who are deprived of much-needed support. However, every individual needs to understand that SASSA grants may have an expiry date, and for those who are not receiving the grant for three consecutive months. To beware of scams be attentive to every notification and make efforts to collect the aid every month

Remember one thing if your grant has already expired, there is no need to worry because you can reapply the application within 90 days by visiting the office to resume your grant. 

Note: Take action timely to avoid the queries and will be required to start the process again.

South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) offers various payments through different communication channels to assist the vulnerable section of society. Stay alert for the latest updates on the official site of SAASA to remain a reliable source of financial assistance when you need it the most.


Despite the challenges faced by the SASSA, the Government remains committed to providing social grants. Due to the unavailability of the grant, they may find other ways to provide the social grant on time. 

There will be an update, and SASSA SRD grants will be announced in the mid-term budget providing hope to individuals.

Follow up:

If you are facing trouble please do follow up on the updates of SASSA by visiting its Official site: srd.sassa.gov.za or you can visit its office for further inquiry or details. If you want to check your SASSA status, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQ)

Yes, but it depends on the circumstances, you may be able to receive the missed grants. However, it is compulsory to contact the SASSA toll-free contact 0800 601 011 to address the issues and continue the grant.

Yes, you can appeal for the suspended or terminated grant decision that SASA has taken. Just follow the re-appeal process to get the grant on time.

 Dem If you are not collecting the unclaimed payments it may lead to financial difficulties and hardship for beneficiaries or if the issue is not addressed properly it may also lead to suspension or termination of the grants.

SASSA grant payments are issued every month to provide financial assistance it may vary from different types of grants or factors. 

To avoid the missed grants payment you have to make sure that the information with SASSA is up to date. Stay connected to the SAASA to get the grant on time, or set a reminder to not forget the grant payments.

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