Aid Guide for UIF Reduced Work Time Benefits

The unemployment insurance fund department of SASSA has been providing an opportunity to applicants to avail different types of grants who are not working properly in crises. UIF aims to provide financial aid for employees who have worked forcefully and don’t get grants due to fewer working hours. In short, it will affect their well-being and financial budget. UIF ensures that affected applicants are through their existing illness and reduces their UIF reduced work time. 

This essential support mechanism especially helps the applicants who are registered with (UIF) program to contribute to society. This aid provides hope for applicants. SASSA provides UIF aid guide benefits for those who are suffering from financial crises in short working hours.

UIF Reduced Work Time Benefits 2024

The South African Minister of Employment and Labour is eliminating financial crises caused by the pandemic. Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Scheme (TERS)  and Unemployment Insurance Fund( UIF) are working together under the supervision of SASSA to facilitate those who are in trouble, or illness and reduce their work time and unemployment. The beneficiaries to reduce work time have multi- approaches to support affected employees. 

However, the TERS department addressed the issues posed by COVID-19 to identify the problems of individuals and the citizens of South Africa. Thus, The Government plays a significant role in the collaboration of (UIF) Executives and consultants to resolve problems and find the best solutions on an urgent basis that meet the needs of workers for long-term employment stability. It is important for proactive policymaking and addressing global crises.

The practical feasibility of working time reduction

It is important to understand the feasibility report of working time reduction. If you are applying for (UIF) beneficiaries prepare the required document listed below: 

  • National Identity Card 
  • Passport 
  • Asylum seeker’s card 
  • Fill UI 2.1 – Form ( Mention the personal details)
  • Fill UI 2.8 – Form ( Mention the banking details) 
  • Fill UI 2.7 – Form ( Mention Updated Salary Slip) 

 Note: It is necessary to fill out the forms and submit the application to get the grants from (UIF).

 Navigating the COVID 2019-TERS Benefits Application Process

The COVID 2019- TERS benefits assist those who are not working properly during the Pandemic crises. Submit the required details by following the application process. 

  • Registration: Log in to the uFiling Website to register yourself. Employees should have access to further requirements. 
  • Beneficiaries: Select the option to choose the COVID-2019 benefits from the given details and enter the payment method.
  • Details of Applicants: kindly, fill in the personal or banking details mentioned in the application form for “Employee Declaration”. 
  • Upload the required Documents: Make sure to attach all the given documents that meet the eligible criteria of the need. 
  • Confirmation: Before submission review the application form. You will get the confirmation code. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Reduced Working Hours

Advantages of Reduced Working Hours: 

  • Secured Financial Aid:  The UIF program aims to provide an income support program for applicants who experience in less working hours. This aid helps them to secure their income caused by low earnings
  • Stability in Work-life: Reduced working hours can lead to managing the personal life more efficiently and promote a healthy environment for society.
  • Job Opportunities: organizations try to provide jobs across the larger pool for the deservings during the pandemic situation with fewer working hours.
  • Well-being of Employment: Employees become happier when they are doing their jobs in reduced time and get a handsome package through companies. It will lead to less stress and productive work.

Disadvantages of Reduced Work Hours: 

  • Provide Less Income: The main drawback of the less working hour is decreasing the overall income. It may cause them to fulfill the necessities of life.  
  • Business Stability: If the working hours are reduced during the pandemic situation. It may affect the stability of the businesses. 
  • Affect Life-Skills: Fewer hours spent in the workplace may affect the practice of regular life skills.

Conditions to Qualify for Reduced Working Hours Benefit?

The Unemployment Insurance Amendment Act of 2016, Section 12(1)b, extends benefits to contributors experiencing reduced work hours within specific sectors (excluding domestic work). Eligibility hinges on the contributor’s total income falling below the unemployment benefit level and having accumulated sufficient credits 

The Amendment Act of 2016, Section 12(1)b, of (UIF) has been providing benefits to employees who are facing difficulty in getting their income in fewer hours. If you work less than usual and have a part-time job you might get grants from (UIF). you can only get this money if you cannot earn money as much as you can. 

Note: Please read carefully the conditions to qualify for reduced working hours benefits. 

  • Apply at your nearest deptoflabour’s labor center

What is Voluntary UIF Reduced Work Time?

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) program provides grants to those who are working less and need the grants. if their income is less than according to their needs they might qualify for the grants. But there are some conditions. 

  • They must be doing their jobs or be covered by UIF without any domestic work.
  • They can’t get any aid from any other platform or earn more money in less working hours. 
  • They need to fulfill the required conditions of the UIF programs from past earning records. 

Note:  Stay that (UIF) facilitates the applicants for shorter weeks to especially help those who lose their money because of crises.

Queries and Contact

TOLL-FREE Number: 0800 212 799 

SMS CALL-BACK: 30916 EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected] FAX 2 EMAIL: 0867 26 16

If you want to check your SASSA status, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

Yes, UIF-reduced worktime is taxable. You should consult with the tax professional or South African Revenue Service (SARS) for help.

The eligibility for reduced work time depends on various factors

  • Employment status 
  • Permanent residents of South Africa
  • Requires personal details  
  • Bank details 

If you have enough credit to qualify for the reduced worktime benefits may increase your eligibility but it is compulsory to meet the above criteria to get the benefits.

 Dem If you are not collecting the unclaimed payments it may lead to financial difficulties and hardship for beneficiaries or if the issue is not addressed properly it may also lead to suspension or termination of the grants.

 the Unemployment Insurance Funds assist individuals in eliminating poverty in South Africa.

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